HP LaserJet Laser Printers 

The HP LaserJet Printer comprises of so many models. It is iconically known as the world’s earliest desktop laser printers.

Advantages and benefits of the HP LaserJet Printer

  • Maintenance- This is one of the main reasons why they survive in the long run. It does not require frequent servicing. The ink cartridges are also known for their best quality.
  • Fiery pace- They have a higher PPM (Pages per minute) when compared to other company’s printers and other models. It completes the printing job in a lightning fast manner.
  • Clear print quality- It can print photos, files, and documents in a crystal clear manner. There is no space for blurry output giving the customer world-class satisfaction with the results.
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly- It is worth the money paid, CPP (Cost per page) is very less and saves ink using HP Instant Ink’s service. They save toner as well.
  • Less noisy- It hardly makes any noise when it prints many pages.
  • The resolution- It has a mind-boggling resolution of 1000 dots per inch of paper which ensures high quality as the output.
  • Invariable diameter- It can draw over a wide range accurately without making a mess of the printing process.

Best HP LaserJet Printers for businesses in the market recently

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x Printer- ideal for commercial usage, a monthly duty cycle of a whopping 7500 sheets, 4.3 touch screen to operate it smoothly without any hindrance, 45 PPM, wireless, USB and Ethernet enabled, secures all files and documents with a password to prevent any hacks and malware.
  • HP Monochrome LaserJet Enterprise M605x Printer- Highest PPM of all time at 58 PPM. It is compatible with Apple, Android, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. The model facilitates duplex printing and ensures a large monthly duty cycle of 16000 sheets. It has3 paper input trays and automatically switches off when it is lying idle.


So, what is stopping you, go and buy an HP LaserJet Printer soon. If you need any help regrading 123 HP Printer setup just call our support number +1-800-237-0201 or visit our site 123.hp.com/setup.